Tunnels Beaches, Illfracombe, Devon

Saturday 10th May

Another date booked through our agent Warble at the awesome venue Tunnels Beaches, Illfracombe. Our bassist, James, is a big fan of this venue having been married there himself earlier in 2014.

Tunnels Beaches wedding venue

The bride to be, Becky, had contacted us prior to the day asking if we would play Marry You by Bruno Mars which is an excellent choice.

We arrived at the venue in good time to find the guests still eating their 3 course meal which gave us plenty of time to load in - through a 200 metre tunnel...

tunnel at tunnels beaches

We hadn't realised the venue name was literal and it was the other side of the cliff. We were given an oversized wheelbarrow to help with the load in, which, despite the wind took the four of us no time at all.

We played upstairs at the venue and the happy couple had a great time dancing to our take of 'Marry You' with all the guests eventually joining them for the remainder of the song and then the rest of the night.

Becky later contacted us, thrilled at the perfect day she had...

"Thank you for such great entertainment at our wedding. Loved the set list and got everyone dancing. Received loads of great feedback from the guests on how great you guys were. Many thanks for a great evening and being able to play our first dance."

The venue staff were brilliant and took over DJ duties once we'd finished and served us bacons baps and cornish pasties (we were near Cornwall after all). All that remained was to get all the gear back through the tunnel with minimum of fuss and a drive home to Dorset. Another great wedding night in 2014.

tunnels beaches night